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Savannah College of Art & Design



Minneapolis College of Art & Design



Governor's School for the Arts



Watercolor & Acrylic

Graphite & Ink

Book Binding | Case Making

Paper Making

Gilding & Edge Painting




Paper Marbling



Adobe Illustrator

Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Dreamwaver (HTML & CSS)

Adobe Muse

Adobe Premiere


Digital Inking & Illustration

Print Production & Plate Making

Repeat Pattern Design




I CONSIDER MYSELF a book maker, pressman, designer,  illustrator, and print maker. My main interest lies in preserving the technical skills and long held beliefs in both design and image making through re-invention. I hold and Master's Degree in Design from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and a Bachelor's Degree in illustration from the Savannah College of art and Design. Although I am originally from Virginia Beach, I have lived and exhibited in Savannah, Georgia, Northampton, Massachusetts, Minneapolis, Minnesota, and Kailua, Hawaii


I have a fondness for collecting antiques, old books, and mysterious, discarded objects. That may be what has led me to become a letterpress printer and book maker. My apprenticeship with Barry Moser of Pennyroyal Press was my first foray into hand setting type and printing letterpress. I feel a natural connection to machines and love the puzzle-like aspect of creating a ‘perfect’ print. A second mentorship with Chip Schilling of Indulgence Press sealed my resolve, and when I returned to my hometown, Panthera Press went into full swing after the acquisition of a 7x11” Platen Press. My private press has become the focal point where  my skills in image making, typography, and craft come together in one practice. Now I strive to teach others and am always seeking opportunities to pass on knowledge of the book arts.




I AM A DESIGNER AND PRINTMAKER  interested in the relationship between craft and concept. How can the materials of an object, enhance the reading of the work and provide context? I explore this question by juxtaposing contrasting ideas. Type and image work together to develop meaning in my work in the same way that craft and concept inform each other. My work exists at the intersection between religion and science - it is deeply rooted in the doctrinal traditions of my bookmaking craft and yet it embraces change, reason, and biology. In this way it attempt to bridge these two ways of being and prove that tradition can be re-invented through modern practice.


Techniques like gilding, letterpress, and paper making are given a new vitality when combined with modern ideologies, tools, and design strategies. Digital printing and gold leaf can exist side by side harmoniously, and in doing so forge new conceptual connections. In this way my work is a study in balance - a practice in learning to merge the handmade and the digitised, the sacred with the scientific.






2018 GSA Alumni Exhibition, Origin Gallery, Norfolk VA

2018 Reflections on the Human Condition, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk VA

2017 SAL Annual Juried Exhibit, The Suffolk Art League, Suffolk VA

2017 The Neon Festival, The Bearded Bird, Norfolk VA

2017 Courage, Courage Foundation, Crowley TX

2017 Path of Winged Souls, Bath House Cultural Center, Dallas TX

2017 Flowers & Gardens, 311 Gallery, Raleigh NC

2017 Spectrum, Cade Art Gallery, Arnold MD

2017 A Climate of Change, Kahilu Theater, Hilo, HI

2013, 14, 15 Those who Teach, Ai Faculty Exhibition, Virginia Beach, VA

2013 Richmond Zine Fest, Artist’s Book Alley, Richmond, VA

2013 Block Party, Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art, Virginia Beach, VA

2012 Goodbye Moments, Compound Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2012 Faculty Exhibition, The Art Institute, Virginia Beach, VA

2012 MFA Thesis Exhibition, Northrup King, Minneapolis, MN

2012 Pop up Show, Art Du Nord, St. Paul, MN

2012 Belles Lettres (Featured Artist), Altered Aesthetics, Minneapolis, MN

2012 Made, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN

2011 Bureau of Artistic Validation, Gallery 148, Minneapolis, MN

2011 Hand Lettered Prospectus, Abecedarian Gallery, Denver, CO

2011 Fear Itself, Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis, MN

2011 On and Of Paper, Springfield Art Assocication, Springfield, IL

2011 Home, Altered Esthetics, Minneapolis, MN

2011 Ladies of Letterpress Exhibition, Ashville, NC

2011 Get Started, Chambers Gallery, Minneapolis, MN

2011 Share | Space 2,Tarnish and Gold Collective, Minneapolis, MN

2011 Memory Exhibition, MCAD, Minneapolis, MN


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